Electrical automations of all kinds

Gallo-Teck goes far above and beyond your typical electrical contractor when it comes to the world of automation and robotics. Have a look at the sections below to see what we've done in the past:

Gallo Solar Process Integrator, Turn Key



Custom-built saltwater and freshwater aquatic ecosystems, any size (10 – 10,000 gallons)

Fully automated aquariums that are self-cleaning, self-top-up, automatically water changing, self-feeding, basically they run on their own.

Keep live coral, shrimp, starfish and exotic fish.

Minimal maintenance, some filter changes twice a year.

Brings positive energy to any living or office space.

Visual Effects

High-tech computerized lighting and sound systems.

Fully integrated, centrally controlled DJ and club sets with fully customizable lighting effects.

Home and Office Integration

Whole home and office solutions for peace of mind.

Independent indoor plant watering systems, variable timed release of water set to each plant. We can even incorporate plant food or fertilizers into the system.

Imagine having beautiful plants indoor without ever having to water them.

Automated lighting, doors, security systems; can be controlled remotely through handheld devices, the Internet, or telephone system.

Programmable Logic Computers (PLC)

Computer management system to control electro-mechanical automated systems; using Siemens, Allan Bradley, Omron, systems.

We can program and control any task desired.


Using pneumatics (compressed air) we can create fast responding devices with components, such as cylinders, motors, valves, to build cost-effective mechanical automated movement.


automation-1We can create fully integrated automated robotic systems to achieve such tasks as welding, surface mount technology, pick and place, and assembly.

We can design and fabricate end of arm tooling for any application and for any robot.

We can program, manipulate, maintain, and integrate various types of industrial robots, such as ABB, Fanuc, Puma, etc…


Using hydraulic components, such as cylinders, motors, pumps, and valves, we can build powerful and extremely accurate mechanical automated movement.

For example presses, winches, snow removal, tractors, etc…

Roller Coaster

Service and maintenance of major roller coaster brands from Vekoma Inc., Arrow Dynamics, Togo International, Philadelphia Toboggan Company,

Such roller coasters as: Top Gun, Vortex, Dragon Fire, Bat, Wild Beast, etc.

We have full knowledge of all aspects from the safety to the mechanical and electrical systems running them.

Just a few of the great brands and products we work with include: